Introducing GeoXplorer

GeoXplorer allows you to instantly explore far distant lands from Earth, Moon and Mars using the power of augmented reality!

This app was created by the Fossett Laboratory for Virtual Planetary Exploration to help students understand the complex, three-dimensional nature of geologic structures. Rather than having to physically travel around the world to study specific geologic specimens, students and researchers can easily use GeoXplorer to browse thousands of 3D terrain models, learn about them, and view them in augmented reality just as they would in the real world!

Additionally, we’ve developed natural gesture controls that allow users to rotate, resize, and manipulate 3D models so you can easily “Xplore” every small detail.

Martian terrain samples collected by NASA -> Devil’s Tower in Wyoming ->rare hand samples too delicate to handle — we are constantly expanding the catalog of 3D models available through GeoXplorer.